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Before using the information and services available on the Online Job Fair Myanmar website ("Site"), you must read and understand the following terms and conditions for the benefit of all website users: By using the Website or accessing it, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. Online Job Fair Myanmar reserves the right to amend this Agreement at any time for the benefit of its users, and the revised Agreement shall remain in force at the time of posting on the Website. It is essential that the user agrees to the terms and conditions of the Online Job Fair Myanmar service when using the Website and the Services.

Structure and usability requirements

The Online Job Fair Myanmar website and mobile app are built into three sectors: Company, Agency, Seeker, not only for two employers but also for employment agencies that serve both of them. Each sector will have 18 categories according to the job position. By becoming a member in the category of job title that you are related to / want to work in, you can easily and quickly find job opportunities online. If you have a phone number, you can register for free at Online Job Fair Myanmar and you will receive a 6-digit OTP code to that phone number. After registering, you will need to enter your personal information to access the categories. Companies and Recruitment agencies must also submit vacancies in the relevant job title categories. Only then will it reach directly to stakeholders. Posting a job title and subject matter that is not relevant to the job title of Catagory will be canceled and the account will be locked.

Copyright and Trademarks

All other copyrights and trademarks contained herein are hereby provided by onlinejobfairmyanmar.com ("Online Job Fair Myanmar") and you agree not to infringe any copyright owned by onlinejobfairmyanmar.

Information for personal and non-commercial use

The information contained on this website is for personal use only and may be used without prior notice to the advertiser / contact person, otherwise you may not use it for sale or commercial purposes. You may download the information from this website, but only for your own personal and non-commercial use, using the copyright and other proprietary notices without infringement. Editing at onlinejobfairmyanmar.com Copy Republishing; Import Posting You agree not to participate in, in any way, any of the information on this Site or any version of this Site in any way on behalf of any other person. Editing any information from this website or any other version of this website; Copy Republishing; Reprinting; Import Posting You do not have permission to broadcast or distribute. Code Pictures Advertising Information Advertiser Information Logo Job Information Product Information General Information Payment Information Advertisements Advertiser Details User configuration and software are covered but not limited to this article. You may not use the Site for any purpose other than as expressly provided by the Government of Myanmar or as prohibited by these Terms of Use. You have no right to use the information contained on our website for reproduction or reproduction of information on your own website without our prior written consent. You acknowledge and agree that unauthorized access to any restricted area of the Website may be a breach of the Penal Code for personal or commercial gain.

Information not applicable to professional advice

You hereby acknowledge and agree that the information released by Online Job Fair Myanmar is intended to provide a general overview of legal and general matters. Onlie Job Fair Myanmar You are not endorsed or advised by any job applicant and have the right directly or indirectly granted to you in connection with such activity before you make any of the terms and conditions you post on the Website. Audit Financial Customer reputation; References It is important to note that background checks or tax issues are your own prerogative and that appropriate appropriate advice has been provided that applies to you. The business information contained on this website; CVs and job postings; The accuracy of other descriptions or statements on the Internet; You agree that your responsibility for evaluating completeness and usefulness is solely your responsibility. For any information contained on the Website or transmitted by the Website; You, or anyone else, will not be liable to you or anyone else at Online Job Fair Myanmar for any decision or belief made.

Warranty status for service

Online Job Fair Myanmar offers the opportunity to apply for any job advertisement or product advertised on the Website. You have no liability or omission of any job opportunity due to the addition of a participant on the Website; For the position of job applicant before the advertisement is canceled; There is no guarantee that the site will have a resume (CV). At the same time, Online Job Fair Myanmar strives to validate job postings or job advertisements and to provide relevant information or person-specific information for the job, but not all job descriptions or job descriptions are guaranteed to be inaccurate or complete. Online Job Fair Myanmar does not endorse any of the websites we link to or link to us. Instructions can be found on its website. These linked sites are not under the control of Online Job Fair Myanmar; Information contained on these linked sites (including accuracy, authenticity, or functionality); Nor is it responsible for the links contained in the linked site. Online Job Fair Myanmar provides these links for your convenience only and any inclusion of any link may not be construed as endorsement by Online Job Fair Myanmar. Copyright issues related to the linked site are also not under the responsibility of Online Job Fair Myanmar. In connection with any damage or loss incurred in any form; Online Job Fair Myanmar shall not be liable for any unforeseen dispute arising out of or in connection with any third party service provided.

We have access to the information you provide

Online Job Fair Myanmar will provide you with any advice related to the Website. Any reviews are welcome. Republish, distribute, or transmit any other information sent to Online Job Fair Myanmar by email or other means (to develop new ideas or services). You agree that the right to broadcast and to the public. (You can read how we process the information you provide in our description.)

The security of your information

Online Job Fair Myanmar Appropriate care has been taken to ensure that job vacancies are not compromised. This information may be stored on the Internet at any time, or stored online in the system of Online Job Fair Myanmar, or may be illegally obtained by another third party on the Online Job Fair Myanmar website. Online Job Fair Myanmar will not be liable for any such incident, and all legal action is your right and we will provide the necessary supporting evidence in accordance with the law.

It is your responsibility to log in with your password

You will need to register to access the website To become a registered user you will need to provide a password and a username. You are solely responsible for failing to maintain the confidentiality of your password and username. Beyond that, you are solely responsible for any activity that arises in connection with your name. You can change the password at any time according to the instructions. You can also change your login information by contacting Customer Service at Online Job Fair Myanmar. We acknowledge that you have agreed to notify Online Job Fair Myanmar as soon as you become aware of any unauthorized access or security breach using the Ready-to-use name.

Responsibility for the description

At Online Job Fair Myanmar, there are categories for each job type, so you only need to enter the job category you want to work with and submit job postings related to the job category. Online Job Fair Myanmar assumes that the posting will automatically cancel the post for posting job vacancies and content that is not related to the job category, and that the user's account will be deleted. Information or services submitted with your account on Online Job Fair Myanmar and in connection with other services provided by Online Job Fair Myanmar; For in-site activities without you having to do it yourself; Misrepresentation or deception; Submissions that are contrary to the laws enacted by the State; You agree that the Terms and Conditions apply as a result of your use of Online Job Fair Myanmar. The outcome for that matter is up to you.

General Provisions

Online Job Fair Myanmar reserves the right to modify any part of this Agreement from time to time. In the event of a breach of the agreement, it shall be dealt with through this Agreement, and the rest of the provisions shall be valid and lawful. Withdrawal of this Agreement will not repeal any provisions that remain in force even after the termination of this Agreement. The law that will bring this agreement into force is the existing law enacted in Myanmar. Terms such as "Online Job Fair Myanmar", "We", "Our" and "I" in this Agreement refer to the terms "Website" of Online Job Fair Myanmar referring to the information contained on onlinejobfairmyanmar.com.


The purpose of the Online Job Fair Myanmar is to provide save your time and money, job opportunities through direct contact with employers and employees.


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