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In June 2020, Job Creative started a Facebook group called Job Creative, with the aim of providing both employers and employees get job opportunities with save time and money.

Groups have been set up by job title, and incoming employers can submit their job vacancies, as well as access personal information posted by job seekers, so you can contact people directly to suit your needs. Job seekers can also apply directly by looking at companies' job vacancies and accessing company information, so they can apply to the company they want to join.

In July 2020, the name of the Facebook Group was changed to Job Fair as a job fair to provide direct interaction between the employer and the employee.

The Online Job Fair was held in 15 groups with more opportunities than just job fairs in the halls. Anyone with a mobile phone and a Facebook user can get a job before they get up. In addition to the staff, we were able to provide effective support to our friends.

Job Fair Groups are based on the Facebook social network Facebook, so it is designed to be a secure website with restrictions and unwanted interference. The website was renamed Online Job Fair Myanmar and was created to closely resemble Facebook groups.

To use the Website, just like Facebook groups, you only need to be logged into the relevant Job Title category. Those who only want to apply for direct company invitations will need to enter the Job Title Categorie under the company. If you are in the Job Title Categorie under the Agency, you will also be able to find applications from the Agency. Companies and agencies will be able to see the job seekers in the relevant Job Title Categorie and be able to hire them directly if they join the Seeker.

Online Job Fair Myanmar is a website that provides direct contact with job seekers and employers to find job opportunities with save time and money when people need a job.


The purpose of the Online Job Fair Myanmar is to provide save your time and money, job opportunities through direct contact with employers and employees.


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