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Updated: 16 Nov 2022 11:12 AM

About Company

RIXS Group Company Ltd. was first established as RIXS International Company Ltd. in 2012. RIXS Group started operating as the importer of superior quality Used Vehicles and Automobiles from Japan, simultaneously importing Machinery. The Company is engaged in several businesses of Car Dealers, Trading, Fitness, Logistics, Financial Service, Delivery Door 2 Door service, Ticketing Portal, Car Rental and E-commerce. RIXS Group is partnered with the leading Japanese vehicle supplier Sayuri International Co., Ltd. RIXS Group has employed approximately 80 employees who manage and support the Group’s many diversified businesses and operations throughout Myanmar. The team of the Group is well trained consisting of professional, managerial, and operational staff, consistently demonstrating their expertise and skills of a strategic leadership needed in the future development of the Group. RIXS Group has always strived and taken pride in taking care of its employees and their welfare which is one of the top priorities of the Company. This includes benefits like Field Allowances, Bonuses, Meals, Medical and Education Allowance, Annual Trips, and Celebrations. Another thing our Group always takes pride is its well-deserved reputation for being client-oriented. The employees are always trained to provide the customers with the best customer service to meet the customer’s requirements in terms of quality, cost, time schedule while developing and maintaining a mutually beneficial working relationship. RIXS GROUP is always looking for a better way of doing business while maintaining and enhancing the company reputation in dealing with its valued customers.

Contact Information

RIXS GROUP Boosonpat Condo, No. 608, 9th Floor, Room No. (9A+9B), corner of Merchant Road and Boosonpat Street, Pabedan Township, Yangon, Myanmar.


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