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About NearMe NearMe offers a comprehensive digital retail platform that aggregates ‘Digital Services’, ‘Digital Payments’, and ‘Digital Distribution’ to empower partner stores and agents to enable their customers to purchase digital goods and make payments for loans, public utilities as well as 100 other goods and services. Partner retailers can sell any type of digital goods, collect bill payments, and accept digital payments instead of cash on NearMe’s platform. With digital money accepted, retailers can refill their physical inventory to increase sales opportunities. NearMe has over 50,000 retail partners nationwide and has been rapidly growing since it began operations in 2015.

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No.151, Yaw Gyi Kyaung Road, (11) Ward, Hlaing, Yangon, Myanmar.


The purpose of the Online Job Fair Myanmar is to provide save your time and money, job opportunities through direct contact with employers and employees.


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